Castillo de Locubín

Castillo de Locubín is a village located in the south-western corner of the province of Jaen in Andalucian , Spain According to the 2006 census the village has a population of 5000 inhabitants.

Castillo de LocubínCastillo de Locubín is a pueblo blanco or white village, so named for the white-washed external walls of the houses. It is located in the foothills of the Sierra Sur. The Moorish castle is in ruins. The 16th century church is dedicated to St Peter the Apostle. Castillo main local crafts are pottery and ceramics. During the first week in June, a cherry fair to celebrate the Cherry harvest is held, with competitions for the best liqueurs, desserts and cuisine based on cherry. Castillo is 7 kilometres north of Alcala La Real and 2km from the N432 main road.